So far, I spent two postings just leading up to the actual chart that creates this entire series of posts.

The purpose of these sets of posts is to look at the characteristics of parenting versus safety and how those two are interrelated.

SafetyPgmsBehI will openly admit that I was conducting a one man think tank and proposing the simple of question of “What would an organization look like if they no programs and no safe behaviors and the variances therein?”  As continued thinking through this philosophy off and on, I started to see some real similarities between Maccoby and Martin’s Four Parenting Styles based on Baumrind’s Three Parenting Styles and my four-quadrant system. In the sake of full-disclosure, my mind may have been influenced by just studying that theory and helped in bridging that gap. Either way, I felt there was enough correlation to dig a little deeper.

As a introduction to these ideas, here is a brief overview of the four typologies.

Neglectful = A system where there are no safety programs and no expectations for safe behaviors. The organization is no engaging any aspect of safety or safety management.

Indulgent = A system where there are good programs but no expectations to follow those programs. The system is there, but no one really cares it is there.

Authoritarian = A system where the employees are held extremely accountable but there are no programs or training to empower them in the process.

Authoritative = An organization that has robust training and programs along with holding everyone consistently accountable for their actions.

In part 4, I will take a deeper dive into the Neglectful typology.