I earned my BS from Murray State University with a major in chemistry and a minor in occupational safety and health. After working a few years in both the automotive and food industries, I earned an MBA from Bethel University. I am currently in the process of pursuing my PhD in Industrial & Organizational Psychology from Capella University while working in the chemical/energy sector. I feel my degrees demonstrate my approach to occupational safety. It takes technical know-how and business acumen to make safety work. Most importantly, safety is about people.

My career has taken me many places including: Japanese and American Automotive, Frozen Food, Chemical, Nuclear, Start-ups, Expansions, Lay-offs, Construction, Demolition, and Turn-arounds. I have been in charge of Environmental, Health, Safety, Security, PSM, and Human Resources through the course of my career. I have a strong sense of prioritization which has helped in the positions I have held.


On a more personal level, I am a husband and father. These two titles are the most important ones I will ever have. I married my high school sweetheart. Truth be known that she was in middle school while I was in high school when we began dating. For every professional accomplishment I have made, I have done it through her support, love, and guidance. I never saw myself as a dad. I will admit, though, I could never imagine my life without them. They have given me a stronger sense of purpose and helped me understand myself in a much more profound way. They drive me to be someone better. I want to be the dad they can have a sense of pride about, and a dad who they can always approach no matter the trouble. My dad once passed along a piece of advice that stuck with me and been proven true. One year on Father’s Day, he told me that every day can be Father’s Day if you make it count. I understand that now. Each evening when I get home and the kids meet me at the door to jump in my arms for hugs, makes it a Father’s Day or me. These little moments are what makes life absolutely splendid.

In my free time, I enjoy playing golf. I am around a +20 golfer, but there are few places that I had rather be than on a golf course. Golf is a one-on-one competition with myself which for a strong introvert (INTJ for those who wonder) makes it a great fit for outdoor fun. No loud noises, no contact, no teams to count on. Only me, the course, and a couple of close friends. Perfect time for me to unwind.


The photo above is my 1973 Dodge Dart Swinger (V8 – 318). My paternal grandfather was a Dodge mechanic and bought the car as a rebuild/project when I was three years old. My dad and grandpa taught me how to drive behind the wheel of this car. I even passed my driving test in it. When I turned sixteen, it was my grandparents gift to me. I drove it through high school and then parked it as I went to college and moved away for my first career. I got it back out in the summer of 2015 and have got it running again. It brings back some great memories of my grandfather and teen-aged years.

I am also a proud geek. I love science! The more theoretical, the better. My geek and arts roots run deep from comics, to sci-fi, to music, to film, to theater.

To better understand how I earned the title of “Safety Dude” check out my first post.




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