Weekly Safety News Roundup – May 28, 2015

This week had plenty of safety news but only a couple really got my attention. Some of the stories that seemed to be new news, was really just week old safety information other media outlets finally got their hands on. There were many stories (not really remarkable) about lockout tagout and machine guarding. These twoContinue reading “Weekly Safety News Roundup – May 28, 2015”

My Thoughts on the ASSE Interview with Paul H O’Neill

A week ago, the American Society of Safety Engineers hosted a Q&A session with Paul O’Neill. He is the former CEO of Alcoa and is recognized as a true safety leader. I would highly recommend seeing the interview if at all possible. It was quite a sobering experience of how easy he made safety leadershipContinue reading “My Thoughts on the ASSE Interview with Paul H O’Neill”

Weekly Safety News Recap – March 21, 2015

Here are a few news stories that I felt were interesting from this week. In the “You Mean OSHA Can Do That” category: A federal court has banned a company from performing construction and excavation work. After repeated violations that seemed not deter this this company from protecting its employees, the court told the companyContinue reading “Weekly Safety News Recap – March 21, 2015”

The Hierarchy of Safety Needs, Part 5

So far, we have discussed the inherent process of having a job, creating a safety culture, and creating a team culture. At this point, it would make sense to have a simple validation process of understanding needs based safety. A reverse logic approach can be applied as part of a validation of the behaviors. IfContinue reading “The Hierarchy of Safety Needs, Part 5”

Weekly Safety News Roundup – Pi Day 2015

Here is the safety news that I thought was particularly interesting this past week. In the “common theme” category Thee incidents involving a fork truck. The first is due to an explosion from a combustion engine forklift entering a restricted area. The second one is a fork truck driver that was trapped under a load.Continue reading “Weekly Safety News Roundup – Pi Day 2015”

The Hierarchy of Safety Needs, Part 4

To recap the needs based safety theory so far: 1) Safety is a needs based behavior 2) Before an organization can progress to the next need, the previous one has to be fully realized 3) The process is: Gainful Employment, Personal Safety, Team Work, Recognition, Continuous Improvement. 4) The previous posts have: discussed the theoryContinue reading “The Hierarchy of Safety Needs, Part 4”

Legal Update: Kinesio Tape & Recordkeeping

I found two interesting news items in the March 2015 Issue of Safety and Health from the National Safety Council. The first is a new letter of interpretation in regards to the use of Kinesio Tape. The interpretation includes kinesio tape as medical treatment, therefore a recordable when used. Many companies use kinesio tape forContinue reading “Legal Update: Kinesio Tape & Recordkeeping”

DOL Report on Injury Inequality, Part 2

To continue thoughts on the DOL report on how workers’ compensation creates inequality in workers. This report is getting quite a bit of attention from various media sources and confirms some of the same items that reports from both PBS and NPR have investigated. The report goes through a number of ways that the lackContinue reading “DOL Report on Injury Inequality, Part 2”

DOL Report on Injury Inequality, Part 1

This morning on my Twitter feed (@thesafetydude), the Department of Labor posted a link to a new report that was released in regards to how an injury to a worker actually creates inequality. The report is quite thought provoking. Sadly, those who will probably read it already are concerned with creating a safety workplace. IContinue reading “DOL Report on Injury Inequality, Part 1”

The Heirarchy of Safety Needs. Part 3

There is much effort and time that goes into building the base of the pyramid but for good reason. For the process to be layered upon, the bottom sections have to be strong and stable. The bottom of the pyramid is the largest in area, holds the majority of the weight, and creates stability forContinue reading “The Heirarchy of Safety Needs. Part 3”