DOL Report on Injury Inequality, Part 2

To continue thoughts on the DOL report on how workers’ compensation creates inequality in workers. This report is getting quite a bit of attention from various media sources and confirms some of the same items that reports from both PBS and NPR have investigated. The report goes through a number of ways that the lackContinue reading “DOL Report on Injury Inequality, Part 2”

DOL Report on Injury Inequality, Part 1

This morning on my Twitter feed (@thesafetydude), the Department of Labor posted a link to a new report that was released in regards to how an injury to a worker actually creates inequality. The report is quite thought provoking. Sadly, those who will probably read it already are concerned with creating a safety workplace. IContinue reading “DOL Report on Injury Inequality, Part 1”

The Heirarchy of Safety Needs. Part 3

There is much effort and time that goes into building the base of the pyramid but for good reason. For the process to be layered upon, the bottom sections have to be strong and stable. The bottom of the pyramid is the largest in area, holds the majority of the weight, and creates stability forContinue reading “The Heirarchy of Safety Needs. Part 3”

Safety Professional?

A really nice article appeared in the ASSE Journal this month in regards to performance standards for safety professionals. Outcomes Based Accreditation: Advancing the OSH Profession by James D. Ramsay, Elbert Sorrell, and Wayne E. Hartz Click to access F2Ramsayetal_0215.pdf This is a topic that is near and dear to my heart. The article givesContinue reading “Safety Professional?”

The Hierarchy of Safety Needs. Part 2: The Safety Need

Through applying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to an occupational setting, a needs based safety equivalent can be contrived. At the base of the pyramid is the primal need that is filled through having gainful employment. The next tier up is one of safety. The safety portion of the pyramid is based on creating the fundamentalContinue reading “The Hierarchy of Safety Needs. Part 2: The Safety Need”

The Hierarchy of Safety Needs: Part 1

One of the more fascinating theories that I enjoy thinking about in relationship to safety is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I realize that I just cited Wikipedia, but it does give a good overview of the process. So, I’m going to let that one ride. Basically, Maslow says there is a pyramid of needsContinue reading “The Hierarchy of Safety Needs: Part 1”

Why “TheSafetyDude”?

Many times people wonder how or why I settled on the moniker “TheSafetyDude.” It all started with my first true safety job. I was still fresh into the safety field and not sure if I would stay with it or try to find to find a job using my major rather than my minor. AsContinue reading “Why “TheSafetyDude”?”