Nature and Nurture in Safety: Part 6

What happens when a person with a high tolerance for risk joins an organization that creates a culture of profit before safety? Nature + Nurture = Outcome Negative + Negative = Danger A high tolerance for risk is not a bad personal trait. It is part of who that person is. The problem can occurContinue reading “Nature and Nurture in Safety: Part 6”

Nature and Nurture in Safety: Part 5

When evaluating what is considered a negative behavior (nature), it suits to first define that aspect of safety behavior first. This is not to imply that people got to work and choose to get hurt. This is far from the truth. There are those, naturally, who have a much larger acceptance of risk. They doContinue reading “Nature and Nurture in Safety: Part 5”

Nature and Nurture in Safety: Part 4

“Science may have found a cure for most evils; but it has no remedy for the worst of them all – the apathy of human beings” – Helen Keller Nature + Nurture = Outcome Positive + Non-Existent = Apathetic Safety Continuing on the theme of nature versus nurture, what happens when someone has a positiveContinue reading “Nature and Nurture in Safety: Part 4”

Nature and Nurture for Safety Part 3

When it comes to behaviors, the idea of nature and nurture always becomes a debatable position. In some ways, managers and companies like the idea of blaming nature for work place injuries. I hate the saying “can’t fix stupid.” Too many times in my career, I have heard that from supervisors and managers who feelContinue reading “Nature and Nurture for Safety Part 3”

Nature and Nurture for Safety: Part 2

Overall, the debate of nurture vs nature is not one that I am will to address. There are, though, some aspects of nature and nurture in the way safety becomes behavioral and organizational. For the sake of simplicity, nature will be defined as someone’s general safety philosophy before entering the workplace. Nurture will be definedContinue reading “Nature and Nurture for Safety: Part 2”

Nature and Nurture for Safety: Part 1

There is plenty of debate of the exact science, implications, and magnitude of nature and nurture. To summarize for the sake to time and sanity, there are certain traits that people are born with that can hold some influence over who they are. Nurture comes in to whether or not a person chooses to goContinue reading “Nature and Nurture for Safety: Part 1”