Safety in the News 6/13/15 – Summer Safety Tips

This week there was an article on Cal-OSHA and their struggles to protect farm workers from rising summer temperatures. Link to the news article Summer has started to bring some very warm temperatures, so I thought it would good to post some resources for summer safety and prevention of heat related illnesses. The first stepContinue reading “Safety in the News 6/13/15 – Summer Safety Tips”

Keeping Kids Safe Around Vehicles

There were a couple of local news stories this week that applies more to home safety than to occupational safety, but they both hit home for me. Both news stories revolve around children and vehicles. One involved a toddler being backed over while in the driveway. The other involved a child who had exited aContinue reading “Keeping Kids Safe Around Vehicles”

Weekly Safety News Roundup – 5/24/15

In news this week was some criticism of the OSHA fines in the DuPont, Texas deaths. It continues to show the antiquity of the OSHA fine structure. For small businesses, the fines can seem insurmountable while for large corporations the fines are are inconsequential. When it comes to risk from fines the EPA has farContinue reading “Weekly Safety News Roundup – 5/24/15”

Weekly Safety Roundup – 5/17/15

The big news of the week was DuPont being fined for the multiple fatality incident from November of last year. There were many questions of how the employees entered the space, how the space filled with gas, why the rescue efforts failed, and how did the equipment malfunction. From the article and a summary ofContinue reading “Weekly Safety Roundup – 5/17/15”

Safety News of the Week 5/9/15

Fortune published an article about the antiquated OSHA penalties and how that affects the safety of workers. This article begins by citing the low fine Wal-Mart received from the Black Friday trampling death from a few years ago. Certainly, the worker should have been protected. I still, though, have a much larger issues with thatContinue reading “Safety News of the Week 5/9/15”

Weekly Safety News Roundup 5/2/15

A trenching death creates a hazard for the rescue crew. A trench fell in and the rescue was slowed because the rescue crews has to shore up the sides before they could begin the extrication. This definitely is a case where the trench was not properly protected before the worker entered. Trenching issues are veryContinue reading “Weekly Safety News Roundup 5/2/15”

Bumble Bee Foods, Two Managers Charged in Death of Man Cooked With Tuna

Originally posted on US Food Safety:
LOS ANGELES — Bumble Bee Foods and two managers were charged by Los Angeles prosecutors Monday with violating safety regulations in the death of a worker who was cooked in an industrial oven with tons of tuna. Jose Melena was performing maintenance in a 35-foot-long oven at the company’s…

Weekly Safety News Roundup – 4/25/15

A Michigan plastic injection molding plant received a huge fine following the death of a worker. The worker was crushed while performing  maintenance and another employee cycled the machine resulting the fatality. A willful set of violations including basic lockout tagout was cited. Such an unfortunate death with two sets of lives forever changed. TheContinue reading “Weekly Safety News Roundup – 4/25/15”