Safety Mentorship Tools: Xmatrix 2

It’s X-citing It’s X-hilarating It’s X-treme It’s the X-Matrix. As leaders and from my personal experience leaders of safety programs, we are responsible for the one-year plan, the metrics to improve, and setting a long-term vision for the department. I personally love an X-matrix to help evaluate and visualize the process of setting these goals.Continue reading “Safety Mentorship Tools: Xmatrix 2”

Mentoring Soft-Skills: Time Management and Prioritization: The Bullet Journal

One of my talents that have helped me in the role of various safety leadership positions is the ability to prioritize and execute plans. I may not be able to make a good-looking poster. I may not be able to fix or repair things around the house. I may not be able to create aContinue reading “Mentoring Soft-Skills: Time Management and Prioritization: The Bullet Journal”

Safety Mentorship 3 – Making Time

Hi! I am Mark, and I am a firm believer in standard work. So many times I hear others say that their work is just too unexpected and random to have anything standard about it. They are convinced that they should not be limited by standardization. The work of a safety person is variable andContinue reading “Safety Mentorship 3 – Making Time”