Safety: Behavior or Motivation

I was recently at my final residency. Part of this process was to complete my dissertation research plan. The discussion around my topic about safety was talking about the theory behind the process of safety psychology.   On a complete side note, I did learn that with a qualitative research plan the theory is reallyContinue reading “Safety: Behavior or Motivation”

Weekly Safety News Roundup – 5/24/15

In news this week was some criticism of the OSHA fines in the DuPont, Texas deaths. It continues to show the antiquity of the OSHA fine structure. For small businesses, the fines can seem insurmountable while for large corporations the fines are are inconsequential. When it comes to risk from fines the EPA has farContinue reading “Weekly Safety News Roundup – 5/24/15”

Weekly Safety Roundup – Easter Weekend

I am a little late getting this one together, but without further ado here is what I have found interesting in safety news this week. In the “Lockout is for everyone” category A bowling alley was cited by OSHA after a fatality where a mechanic was caught in a pin setter mechanism. The premise ofContinue reading “Weekly Safety Roundup – Easter Weekend”

DOL Report on Injury Inequality, Part 2

To continue thoughts on the DOL report on how workers’ compensation creates inequality in workers. This report is getting quite a bit of attention from various media sources and confirms some of the same items that reports from both PBS and NPR have investigated. The report goes through a number of ways that the lackContinue reading “DOL Report on Injury Inequality, Part 2”

DOL Report on Injury Inequality, Part 1

This morning on my Twitter feed (@thesafetydude), the Department of Labor posted a link to a new report that was released in regards to how an injury to a worker actually creates inequality. The report is quite thought provoking. Sadly, those who will probably read it already are concerned with creating a safety workplace. IContinue reading “DOL Report on Injury Inequality, Part 1”