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My goal is to rehumanize an organization’s central people processes. With over 20 years of experience in various industries and holding positions at the site, regional, and global levels, I am focused on driving improvements through systemic and sustainable approaches.


We must seek to understand the real conditions and environment of our people. It is only after gaining that insight that meaningful action can be taken


The root of empowerment is trust. We must first give trust to our team before we can expect trust in return. A common foundation creates a common goal


Servant leadership is a principle where a leader is aware and in-tune with their team to give them what they need when they need it to accelerate learning, growth, and performance.


Education is an investment in your people that pays off immediately. When an employee is empowered to learn, they are empowered to make change.

Episode 107 – It's just common sense Leading and Learning Through Safety

This week we look at a news story in which an employer felt the dangers of a job were so well known, they felt safety training was unnecessary. 
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  2. Episode 106 – Too Big to be Accountable
  3. Episode 105 – Child Labor Violations
  4. Episode 104 – Safety with More
  5. Episode 103 – Lean HSE

Tracking Engagement

Engagement can lead to empathy and it can begin with safety. From a previous post, the idea was to create easy to manage employee to supervisor conversations about safety. The question was “what safety improvements need to happen in your area?” This question can be logged in something as simple as a shared spreadsheet. The…

Standardizing Engagement

Empathy and engagement align with each other nicely. When a person has empathy, they can better engage. When someone is good at engagement, they can help cultivate empathy. This creates an opportunity in the workplace to help begin finding a path toward better people relations. If the organization can create methods of engagement, there is…

It’s all about a Table

How above the table do you want to be with this? I am a bit of a skeptic . . . Well, maybe more than a bit. When I see amazing safety streaks and empty OSHA logs, I immediately want to know more. I hope that there is something I can learn. My reality is…

It’s All About the Little Things

Earlier I blogged about how medical settings can use standardized techniques to create a caring environment without actually fostering empathy. The same can be done in the business world, but is there a real desire for it? Profitability has always appeared to be the goal that is far and beyond empathy. Employee engagement is simply…

Empathy is a Long Term Process

In the book Multipliers, Liz Wiseman gives some great comparisons of leaders who can create great moments and those that take all the greatness for themselves. What I found most interesting is that those that had short-term views were able to make some amazing progress in a short amount of time. That progress, though, was…