Mark A French

Mark A French, Ph.D., MBA, CSP, ASP, SPHR, EMT

Safety is more than policy and engineering. It is a primary human motivational need. Our programs and methods have to make that connection with our teams to truly create safety as a core value of any organization.

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Episode 93 – Risk Perception Leading and Learning Through Safety

When our team performs work that varies from high to low risk, we have to assure that they stay calibrated to the real risk. It is easy to think of the relative risk rather than the actual risk of the work being performed. 
  1. Episode 93 – Risk Perception
  2. Episode 92 – Child Labor Violations
  3. Episode 91 Contractor Compliance
  4. Episode 90 Contractor Evaluation
  5. Episode 89 – Whistleblower

Blog Postings

Mentorship Part 9 – X-Matrix Planing

As a safety person, I have found myself wearing many hats for an organization. I was the one that had to set the vision, make the plan, and lead the work to be done. Early in my career when asked to do all the things, I had no training or tools at my disposal. I had to make it up as I went and hope that it was right. Honestly, the planning process for some organizations was me taking the OSHA recordable incident rate and reducing it by 10% each year for 5-years. Then, praying that I could achieve those…

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Mentorship 7: Time Management: RAIL

When I started the series of mentorship blog posts, I never expected to find such a personal passion for planning and prioritizing. It was quite strange to realize that over the years I have developed a layered approach to keeping myself on task and track. I also look back and see all the tools, tricks, and mistakes that I made in trying to keep myself organized. What I thought would be only part of one blog posting is now evolving into so much more. Being a mentor is about helping teach and coach skills that would benefit someone through the…

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Mentorship Part 6: Soft Skills: Elevator Speech

To be honest, Industrial and Organizational Psychology was an odd direction for a safety person. I/O Psychologists are more of leadership coaches or Human Resources people. It was early in my career when I realized that the technical aspects of safety do not change easily or often. The more I worked in the field of safety, the more I came to the idea that safety was about engaging and motivating people to follow the safety policies. One of the hardest lessons I had to learn was how to work with people As a mentor, we need to help further someone’s…

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Mentorship 5. Be a Coach

Picture this. You are mentoring a new professional. They come in and report an injury. You pick up a chair, walk out to the shop floor, and sling it. Old school Bobby Knight coaching technique 🙂 When it comes to coaching as a mentor, it is more about the essence and spirit of coaching than the literal sense of the word. I was able to be a site material expert on coaching for my location. I loved it. It fits in great with my industrial and organizational psychology studies as I was still at that time working toward my Ph.D.…

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Safety Mentorship 4: Make a Plan

Do you have a career plan? Do those that you supervise or mentor have one? One of the most interesting and value-oriented exercises that can be performed is to make a career plan. Sure, it can change at any time. A career plan is not at all static. It is a living, dynamic document that is ever-changing based on all kinds of factors both at home and at work. A career plan is one of those items that when reviewing it could take minutes or it could take hours depending on the changes, progress, and sometimes pure luck. One of…

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