Dr. Mark French

Welcome! Organizations that invest in their people through empathy, empowerment, leadership, and education are leaders in their fields. Let me be your partner in creating a people-first environment

Core Beliefs


We must seek to understand the real conditions and environment of our people. It is only after gaining that insight that meaningful action can be taken


The root of empowerment is trust. We must first give trust to our team before we can expect trust in return. A common foundation creates a common goal


Servant leadership is a principle where a leader is aware and in-tune with their team to give them what they need when they need it to accelerate learning, growth, and performance.


Education is an investment in your people that pays off immediately. When an employee is empower to learn, they are empowered to make change.

Episode 100 – My Career Leading and Learning Through Safety

I am shocked and amazed. Today is episode 100. In this special milestone episode, I take a walk down memory lane contemplating my career and journey
  1. Episode 100 – My Career
  2. Episode 99 – Reduction In Safety
  3. Episode 98 – Early Career Training
  4. Episode 97 – Safety Transparency
  5. Episode 96 – Emergency Prepardness

Where Can We Find Empathy

As I have traveled down the rabbit hole of empathy in the workplace, there is a common theme: healthcare. Rightfully, so the first place that empathy researchers are focusing is in hospitals and doctors’ offices. It makes perfect sense that healthcare workers should be a group of people who have empathy for others. There are…

You can’t fix stupid

Have you ever heard a supervisor or manager tell you that about a hurt employee? Hopefully, you are aware they are telling the truth. When it comes to emotional intelligence you just can’t fix stupid, just like that supervisor has shown. They are emotionally ignorant. They have made a conscious choice to blame a worker…

Celebrating DEI

Today was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I spent some time reflecting on the changes I have seen in the workplace in my 20 years of HSE and HR experience. I am honestly excited about what I have seen and learned. Certainly in the space of diversity, equity, and inclusion, there is much more…

Empathy is fundamental to leadership

I am convinced more and more that the root of great leadership is empathy. When you think of the qualities that define a good leader such as trust, communication, or caring, they all begin with someone who has empathy toward others. If someone has a core built on empathy, the rest of the skills of…

A More Organized 2023

Welcome to 2023! I joked that my New Year’s Eve party included creating a custom digital GoodNotes planner for 2023. It was a wild party at my house. I was up late. There was some wine. It was after midnight before I was done with my project. I then wished the family a happy 2023…