Safety Mentorship Tools: Xmatrix 2

It’s X-citing It’s X-hilarating It’s X-treme It’s the X-Matrix. As leaders and from my personal experience leaders of safety programs, we are responsible for the one-year plan, the metrics to improve, and setting a long-term vision for the department. I personally love an X-matrix to help evaluate and visualize the process of setting these goals.Continue reading “Safety Mentorship Tools: Xmatrix 2”

Mentorship 7: Time Management: RAIL

When I started the series of mentorship blog posts, I never expected to find such a personal passion for planning and prioritizing. It was quite strange to realize that over the years I have developed a layered approach to keeping myself on task and track. I also look back and see all the tools, tricks,Continue reading “Mentorship 7: Time Management: RAIL”