I remember when this event happened.This was a significant learning opportunity for many organizations across the food industry.

I would like to know more about the evidence that charges the two men in the case. As the article says, prosecutions are rare.

Click here to see the statement from the company. According to their release, there were no willful OSHA violations committed in regards to the incident. It is interesting that that DA is now filing charges.

This strikes a very personal point for me. As a safety professional, I do feel a lot of responsibility and accountability. But, am I ultimately responsible for all aspects of safety? I am not sure that is humanly possible. Again though, time and evidence will tell the story.

US Food Safety

LOS ANGELES — Bumble Bee Foods and two managers were charged by Los Angeles prosecutors Monday with violating safety regulations in the death of a worker who was cooked in an industrial oven with tons of tuna.

Jose Melena was performing maintenance in a 35-foot-long oven at the company’s Santa Fe Springs plant before dawn Oct. 11, 2012, when a co-worker, who mistakenly believed Melena was in the bathroom, filled the pressure cooker with 12,000 pounds of canned tuna and it was turned on.

When a supervisor noticed Melena, 62, was missing, an announcement was made on the intercom and employees searched for him in the facility and parking lot, according to a report by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health. His body was found two hours later after the pressure cooker, which reached a temperature of 270 degrees, was turned off and opened.

The company, its plant…

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